10 Most Often Asked Questions Regaring Tea

Often we encounter with advertisements for various types of tea and we are literally bombarded with information about how healing they are and what can they be used for (obesity, heart problems, digestive organs, cough, flu…)

We list some of often asked questions and expert’s answers.

  1. Can several cups of tea a day be good for your health

Anti oxidants that are located in the tea can reduce or prevent damage to cells caused by free radicals. It is useful to possess a habit to intake as much liquid as possible.

  1. Which type of tea has the largest concentration of antioxidants?

Green tea has the highest concentration of anti oxidants. It is one of best sources of antioxidants called catechin, which according to some research can be stronger than vitamin C and E for reducing cell damage. Green tea is used for centuries in China and Japan, while black tea is popular in SAD.

  1. What is the difference between main types of tea?

Green, Black, Oolong and White tea are created from a plant Camellia sinensis. The difference between four main types of tea (green, black, Oolong, white) is in the processing way of the tea mixture.

  1. Is drinking of tea a sure way of reducing risk of cancer?

There is no hard evidence that tea prevents cancer in people at all, because many factors influence the risk of cancer. However, some studies point to the fact that tea reduces risk from some types of cancer in certain people. More research is needed to define the groups of people and types of cancer whose risk is reduced by tea.

  1. Can tea reduce the risk of heart disease?

There are no hard evidence that tea influence several factors that cause heart disease such as: excess body weight, elevated blood pressure, increased cholesterol….. However, American agency FDA does not permit writing on labels that claim that it cures heart disease, because there is no credible scientific evidence to support it.

  1. Do people that have the need to control the level of sugar in the blood can benefit from tea?

There are some evidence that tea help in controlling the level of glucose (sugar) in blood, but that is not confirmed by a larger number of test subjects. More research is needed to find out how much tea is needed to regulate the level of sugar and fat in the blood.

  1. Does fresh tea contain more anti oxidants than tea that stood for longer period of time?

Most anti oxidant are contained in freshly prepared tea because it has less caffeine and less harmful ingredients than tea that has been boiled for loner and remained for longer period of time.

  1. How much cups of tea should you drink during the day?

Researchers still have not confirmed how much cups of green tea or some other beverage is recommended daily. People in Asia usually drink three cups of tea a day.

  1. How many minutes should you keep tea ingredients in water to use most of anti oxidants?

Three to five minutes is the recommended time for maximal use of tea

  1. Is tea good for children

Little is known about the influence of tea on children. All research regarding tea are done on adults.