Peparing Tea

7 Advices For Peparing Tea so That All Senses Enjoy

Senses of smell and taste are most needed when tasting tea. Sense of sight can help, but it can mislead you. In human conscience, beverage of pail color, such is the case with white tea, is usually tasteless. This is not true! It is extremely tasteful. Simply put, tea is a magical beverage.

Sense of smell: we breathe in shades of smell that are released by the liquid made by soaking leaves of tea

Sense of touch: in our mouth we feel the composition of tea, its temperature.

Sense of taste: we differentiate three different tastes- bitter, sour, sweet.

How to choose a tea?

There are three major categories:

  • Green tea, simply picked and dried, that come to us from China and Japan. Their color is always more pail: between light green and yellow
  • Semi-fermented teas, their leaves are partially oxidized, and present a specialty that comes to us from Taiwan and Fujian in China.
  • Black teas, whose leaves are 100% oxidized on air, come from Ceylon (Sri Lanka), India and China. Their color is always dark, copper.

With what type of water are they prepared?

Use a slightly mineral water because minerals change the color and taste of tea. If you use tap water, filter it to neutralize chlorine and limestone.

How long do leaves have to be soaked?

The color of a tea and the strength of an aroma are not related. There is no point to soak green tea longer, it will remain pail. On the other hand, that will become to bitter.

Green tea: from one minute for green tea, to five minutes for Chinese green tea.

Semi-fermented tea: from five to seven minutes.

Black tea: from three to five minutes.

This time is calculated for 20 dl of warm water at temperature between 70 and 95 degrees.

What filter should you use?

There are several types:

  • Paper, ideal for true lovers of tea. They are large, so that leaves can double their size and fully release aroma. They are also practical because after using them you throw them away.
  • Textile bag, which has to be washed after each use.
  • Containers of various shapes, which are widely used, but true lovers of tea don’t really like them. Because of their small size, leaves cannot completely open.

Never put more than two pinches of tea leaves, so that they can grow.

What is better: small or large kettle?

Smaller is better (for one or two cups) because in it the aroma and taste will be better preserved. Wash it under a strong jet of water. Never use detergent because kettle will absorb the smell.

O drink with milk or without it?

If you like TEA WITH MILK, you have to follow certain rule:

  • Chose a tea with torn up leaves, originating from Asia (regions in the north east of India) whose taste is very strong.
  • First pour milk in the cup, and then tea. In that way, temperature gradually grows, and preserved milk proteins reduce the bitterness.

Does tea accts stimulating or not?

Basically, theine and caffeine are one and same molecule. They differ in the way they affect the organism. Molecule of tea (theine) acts longer, which means that it acts stimulating, but not exciting. Still, if you prefer to drink tea without theine, soak the leaves for only 30 seconds. Then throw that water away, because theine is released in first couple of seconds. Again pour water over the leaves and leave them to soak. You should know that tea with theine, also losses a part of aroma and taste.

How To Enjoy Tea In Any Ocassion?

Moment when we feel weak we often don’t even notice, but our grandmothers were right when they prepared nice and honey spiced teas made from mint and chamomile when they notice that we are tired. It is generally known how much these plants are nutritional and healing and we should not restrain from using it in all occasions, because it relaxes us and presents a true enjoyment in any occasion.

Since ancient times, green tea is considered an elixir of youth and a purifier of body and soul. If you take care of your health and think about yourself, Green tea is a everyday necessity. This tea can be drunk always, and is ideal for occasions when you feel the strongest energy wise. In the morning, after a workout, skiing or class of yoga, a cup of green tea gives your body the right amount of freshens and health.

If you miss the fine sharpness and richness of taste in green tea during that time that you set aside for yourself and your health, green tea with lemon is the best solution for you. This tea with rich taste is a way to make your purification easier, and honey is always welcomed, your loyal companion. There are a lot of ways in which you can serve this miraculous beverage and you are free to try them, but always direct yourself to eastern customs that are perhaps the most correct. Different types of green tea are served alongside with nut and dried fruit, and it’s up to you to find the right combination. Almonds, walnuts, cashews, dried apricots, figs and prunes – it’s all good!

If you want the real refreshment during hot summer days, you can surprise yourself with various combinations of cold teas and you can achieve that very easily. Ice teas due to their specific aroma offer you the most possibilities. You can enrich the taste with leaves of fresh mint and with a little honey, and cool it down with a few ice cubes and have a fantastic beverage for the entire day.

How can you warm yourself up when cold gets in your body during the winter? Always drink tea, but its even better is you add a little rum. Warm black tea with rum will warm you up, shake you up when you get stunned by heat, and of course, maintain your good mood.

The art of making good, rich tea throughout centuries has become a science in itself. That is why you should not be afraid to experiment! By adding fresh fruit and various aromatic ingredients you can make your own ideal mix, your own tea-cocktail. If, for example, in hot tea made from apple and cinnamon, you add slices of fresh apple, cloves and fresh ginger, and little of yellow sugar, you will get a mildly sharper aroma that gives you a very authentic experience of taste/ empire of taste is yours, take it!

True enjoyment in tea is fulfilled by various types of cookies, biscuits and cakes that are designed for that purpose, and every country has its representatives in the realm of tea. There are really a lot of them, chocolate, dry, salty, with cinnamon or cocoa….try them out and find your winner.