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Bees Products in Medicine

Honey as the most widespread bee product is listed in medicine among the most valuable foodstuffs, especially because of its sugar content and other ingredients, such as enzymes, etheric oils and mineral salts.

During convalescence after serious diseases and operations, doctors give their patients a 20-40% specially processed, sterilized honey dilution, which is showing great results.

It is also known that a liver richer in glycogen is more resistant to toxins and other diseases, and it prevents protein loss. Out of these reasons, in liver disease treatments simple sugars are used: glucose, and, lately, fructose. In a free form, this sugar is found only in honey and fruit. It has been confirmed in diabetes patients that by taking fructose they lose less sugar than is the case with glucose. With smaller doses of glucose, but not fructose, (acacia honey) glycemia is increased. This leads to fructose increasing glycemia less than glucose, and is therefore used with diabetics. Most patients take the fructose therapy much better, which is shown in much better treatment effects. Of course, we have to always bear in mind that honey, and the acacia honey at the foremost contains much more fructose than glucose, in the ratio of 170:100. Honey as a medical product is also used for treating gastric ulcer or duodenal ulcer. The higher the sugar concentration in honey the better is the stomach acid allayed. The patients who have undergone this kind of treatment feel satiety and have a smaller desire for food. In the case of ulcer bleeding or in the first days of acute gastritis, honey is the essential ingredient of any diet.

With the pancreas problems, honey is the first victual given to a patient after a period of not taking any food. Honey is also used in kidney patients` nutrition, as well as with the persons with heart condition… Two to three tea-spoons of honey provide the body with more calories than one egg. This is significant for following a diet in the period of convalescence after certain serious illnesses.

Every honey, even the purest honey contains a certain quantity of pollen and royal jelly, which are considered to be the most esteemed bee products in nutrition and medicine. With such contents honey can be used as a useful means in the treatment of liver diseases, acute and chronic problems with respiratory ways and asthmatic bronchial inflammation, especially of an infectious origin.

When the bee products in medicine are discussed, there should also be mention of pollen as an important factor in this area. It is said that the acacia pollen positively affects urinary bladder and ureters inflammation, while the chestnut pollen regulates the bloodstream, increases the quantity of blood in liver and prostate and helps with treating varicose veins. Many experts recommend taking 3 tea-spoons a day of pollen from varied plants. In adults, this dosage renews the strength and increases the quantity of red blood cells. It also helps with stool problems, even when antibiotics are found useless…

Although propolis was known since ancient times, this bee product is still waiting for its full medical application. Romans, Greeks, Arabs and other peoples knew about the healing effects of propolis, and used it in treating the diseases of the day. They used it in its pure form or in mixture with other substances. In popular medicine it has been used for a long time for treating skin diseases, respiratory ways diseases and stomach problems.

Bee venom is a product that has been used for a long time in popular medicine. Namely, the beekeepers have noticed that they, unlike other people, do not suffer from rheumatic diseases…They ascribed this advantage to being frequently stung by bees, with which they are in frequent contact in their everyday work. Nevertheless, one should be careful, because this form of treating rheumatic diseases is not recommended to persons with allergies, to diabetics, serious kidney and heart patients.