Using honey in treating wounds

Bees Products in Nutrition

Most of honey (70%) is comprised of simple sugars (glucose and fructose), which going from the stomach and the bowel without any processing reach the surface of the mucous membrane, where they are absorbed directly into blood.

Through blood they spread further into different parts of the body, muscles and liver, where glycogen is produced from their surpluses. In the case of an increased physical activity, glycogen contained in liver and muscles is liberated in the form of glucose sugar, the lack of which causes weariness and exhaustion. Such condition can be rapidly improved by taking carbohydrates, among which honey is the simplest, the richest and the best. In human nutrition, honey as a bee product is used mostly by laborers and athletes, who quickly refresh themselves and regain the lost strength by taking one spoonful of honey. Supporting this is the fact that first man who climbed Mont Everest, Hillary, “boosted up” his strength with a few tea-spoons of honey.

Having in mind that honey is an end product, ready to use without any further processing and that it contains two kinds of sugar which are the most natural to the human organism, this bee product has a big application in the nutrition of children and infants, especially because of its taste and biological value. With children, its positive effect on skin, a higher rate of red blood cells production, health condition in general was confirmed. Honey is also widely used in the underweight persons` nutrition. It is applied in 50-120g daily doses and can be diluted in fruit juices, water, tea or milk.

Honey as the basic bee product in human nutrition is used to make an alcoholic drink – Mead. The drink and the recipe as well are as old as the human civilization. There are data showing that it was used by the Indians, Romans and Slavs during different family, tribal and other celebrations, and at the funerals to honor the deceased. It was a custom to offer mead at the gravesite, so the deceased could build up his strength “in the other world”. There were many recipes for mead preparation, and those who prepared it were honored and respected members of the society. The basic rule is that at 1% alcohol in 100l of water 2,4kg of honey is added. Later, with the advent of wine and beer, the making of mead was removed from the focus.

Royal jelly is a substance whose contents have been a mystery for the world medicine, until recently. It is an interesting bee product, possessing the faculty of changing the life of a sexless bee larva into a perfect “queen bee”. Following this reason, many consider royal jelly to contain substances that are the consequence of the “queen bee`s” longevity, and that could be transferred to other animals, i.e. man. The test done by experts on 3000 people, who have been given a daily dose of 100mg of royal jelly over a period of 30-40 days indicated that with almost all subjects there was a rapid improvement of the biochemical contents of blood. This further resulted in their sleeping better, increased life strength, respiratory and heart problems stopping, improved psychological condition, digestion regulation and arrest of arteriosclerosis.