Black Tea Relives Stress And Protects From Ovarian Cancer

We all encounter stress every day. Stress is practically unavoidable, if you suffer from some anxiety disorder, you know perfectly well that stress is one of common causes of such disorders.

You probably also know that you need to work on your stress reduction as much as possible, or at least change your relation to stress, so you could sustain it easier…

As you know, that are lot of stress causes, and those causes vary from person to person. What presents a stress cause for you does not have to be for someone else and vice verse. However, some of common causes of stress are: bad time organization, poor physical activity, irregular diet, displeasure with your job, displeasure with your love life, bad relation with other people… People resort to various ways to avoid or at least reduce its harmful effects. How can black tea help us relive stress?

Black tea reduces level of stress hormone cortisone and relives stress, according to research from London University College. Research conducted on 75 volunteer men, non smokers, with the habit of regular tea drinking.

Respondents were exposed to stressful situations, where their pulse was measured, pressure, concentration of red blood cells and cortisone, and personal evaluation of stress was performed. Increase of pulse and pressure also remained the same in placebo group, and in a group that drank black tea. But cortisone level in the blood and personal stress impression was considerably lower in a group that drank black tea.

Since the effect of black tea is manifested only after half an hour after consummation, researchers emphasize that it does not prevent stress in stressful situations, but help to faster recuperate of stressed out person. During research respondents did not consume other types of tea and coffee.

When people would drink tea as much as coffee, risk from dementia would be reduced by up to 60 percent, according to researchers from the other side of the planet, from University in Singapore.

Due to flavanoids, polyphenols, tannins and fluorine, only two cups of black tea a day are enough to keep you from oblivion, considering that these substances stimulate the brain and POSITIVELY INFLUENCE MEMORY.

To this conclusion experts came based on two year experience that encompassed 2.500 people older than 55 years. Based on tests they determined that all respondents that drank six to ten cups of tea a day reduces their chance to get dementia by 63 percent. Tea, especially black one, thanks to richness of beneficial ingredients is much more grateful refreshment than coffee which until now because of caffeine was regarded as a friend to concentration and cognitive potentials.

Scientist don’t have a precise answer what it is precisely in tea that protects the brain, but know that anti-oxidants, flavanoids protect cells from deteriorating. At the same time, they protect from stroke and heart attack.

Black Tea Protects From Ovarian Cancer

Ladies that enjoy black tea are less exposed to risk from ovarian cancer, according to Australian experts. Flavanoids are to be credited for this, because this beverage is rich in flavanoids. Flavanoids (bioflavonoid) are a class of herbal secondary metabolites and have anti oxidative effect with potential effect on human health. Some scientist call bioflavonoid C-complex since they are often located with vitamin C. There are also researches that indicate positive effect of bioflavonoid on prevention of heart illness, cancer, and anti effective properties of some bioflavonoid.

Women who during most part of their life enjoy tea can expect important health benefits from this habit. Because of consummation of this well known beverage, among other things, are less prone to ovarian cancer. By frequency of malignant tumors, ovarian cancer is located in first place. This is explained by late discovery of non-specific symptoms and fast spread of malignant cells over the body so that the disease is discovered in advanced stage.

Researchers from University in Pert, Australia studies 1.000 women with average age of 59. One group of participants had the diagnoses of ovarian cancer, while 500 participants were healthy. Expert tested them in great detail about the habits of drinking tea: how often do they drink this beverage, which type and when did the start this habit.

They determined that healthy women were prone to longer drinking of tea compared to participants of the research with diagnosed cancer. They, namely, at early age started to drink regularly this well known beverage.

From total number of healthy participants, 79 percent drinks tea regularly, compared to 51 percent of women with ovarian cancer. Researchers pointed out that black tea flavanoids, powerful compounds that help us to fight the disease, as the  most responsible assets for this “health protection”.

Those that cannot accept strong taste of black tea can dilute it with milk the advice from experts is based on results of previous researches that showed that it won’t influence the healing effect of ingredients of this beverage in a major way. Only side effect relates to the influence of casein protein that is located in milk, on tea. Namely, combination of MILK AND TEA prevents expansion of blood vessels, but does not diminishes its other healing advantages.

Tea is surely a safe and cheap beverage. Its use should be supported because of potential benefits of preventing this common and lethal women disease, according to experts.

Ovarian cancer is one of leading causes of death with women and is second gynecologist malignant disease by frequency. Ovarian tumor is created by the growth of abnormal cells and can be non-cancerous-benign or cancerous-malignant.