Can Milk and Black Tea go together?

Healing properties of black tea and effect it has on our organism should not be specially emphasized. We all know very well that TEA IS A GOOD PREVENTION for malignant diseases, it regulates metabolism and prevents aging.

Milk is known to be very rich in minerals and nutritional substances and is recommended for people of all age. Around 2.5 dl of milk contains about 40% of daily need for iodine, tryptophan, calcium, vitamin B2 and B12. Milk also contains vitamin K, vitamin A, potassium, phosphorus and protein. Many of us love to add milk to tea or to drink tea and milk one after another. Latest research of scientist showed, however, that that is not the best combination if you drink tea to prevent cardiovascular diseases.

By adding boiled cow milk to tea we reduce its positive effect, that is, effect it has on the relaxing of blood vessels-according to latest results of research performed in “European cardiovascular journal”.

This research included 16 completely healthy women. They were tasked with drinking 470 milliliters of fresh black tea, then tea in combination with milk and boiled water in combination with milk. After drinking predetermined dose of tea, milk and water, testing was performed for each case separately. First, researchers measured blood pressure. After that they used ultrasound to determine to what extent their bronchial arteries relaxed and expanded, and after releasing the arm of pressure it was subjected during measuring of blood pressure.

Received results showed that BLACK TEA considerably improved circulation compared to water. it was determined that by adding boiled cow’s milk to tea considerably reduces positive effect of black tea on organism and blood vessels.

In order to confirm received results, laboratory experiments of similar type were conducted. In laboratory isolated blood vessels were used from rat specimens. Once again it showed that tea increased intensity and activity of enzyme that causes relaxation and expansion of blood vessels, but positive effects completely disappeared by adding cow’s milk.

Why milk reduces so much the effect of tea on blood vessels?

The answer to this lies in the fact that casein proteins, that are located in cow’s milk, are tied to useful substances in black tea and prevent them from performing their protective function in blood vessels.


Based on received results from listed research, the conclusion and advice imposes itself: in what possible way could you use positive effects of black tea in fighting against cardiovascular disease, enjoy tea as it is-without adding milk. If you are a real lover of “milk teas” try to substitute cow’s milk with soy milk, or rice milk and you will joint useful with tasteful. Based on everything seen a conclusion stands that if we want to get maximal benefit from these beverages, it is necessary to separate their consummation. Milk is best showed in situations when it is used right after workout or activity (in first 15 minutes) or before going to sleep, while green tea, because of caffeine content, is not recommended to be used so late, and is best in the morning as a substitute for coffee or in the afternoon when energy of the organism slightly diminishes. What you should avoid is drinking tea right before workout because it has a mild diuretic effect which can cause dehydration during physical activity.

Tea and Milk-Recipe For Losing Weight

Obsession of all people in the world is to effortlessly as possible and in the shortest time possible lose excess weight. There are almost no magazines or web portals that don’t offer thousands “verified recipes for losing weight”. The matter is in essence very simple. It is enough to regulate diet, regularly practice sport and result will come on their own. However, most of us do not have time for sport, and food is hard to give up. Here we offer you a recipe for losing weight by using a combination of tea and milk.

Milk is known to be extremely rich in vitamins, minerals and proteins, while tea contains a lot of nutritional ingredients and anti oxidants. This form of losing weight is extremely restrictive, so that this diet should not last longer than one or two days. The optimal dosage is once a week, when you are not planning to leave the house, because in this way cleansing of kidneys occurs, so that going to the toilet is often. In one day on tea and milk you can lose from 500 to 1500 grams of weight. Additionally this diet cleans liver and blood vessels, improves metabolism, and help skin look prettier.

This diet also has two counter indications… First relates to people that are allergic to lactose contained in milk, while other counter indicative effect relates to people with elevated blood pressure, because COMBINATION OF MILK AND TEA lead to narrowing of blood vessels, and for that reason is not recommended to people with hypertension.

Way For Preparing Tea With Milk

In 1 liter of hot water, boiled to 90 degrees, (when it begins to boil remove it from the stove) add 2-3 spoons of green tea, after 5 minutes add 1 liter of boiled milk. Leave it for 20-30 minutes. After just strain it.

Which Tea Is Best To Uus

It is best to use green tea or black tea, and you can make a mixture of these two teas. It is important not to use herbal teas or tea in a bag.

Tea with milk can be drunk warm or cold-what suits you best. There is no time constraint, but it is recommended to drink 1 cup every two hours. Beside tea you should drink 1.5-2 liter of pure water without additive or mineral noncarbonated.

Tea with milk helps expel excess water out of the organism, excess weight, and it is especially useful when you need lose weight fast for some event. Just don overdue it!

And most important-don’t forget, beside tea, milk and water on that day you cannot eat anything else.