Green Tea Positively Influences Memory

Do you belong to a group of people that constantly losses their key? Do you often forget meetings you arranged? Do you ever forget in the middle of the sentence what were you going to say?

One of recent researches I China proves that green tea, apart from already known properties, also positively influences memory. Most important role of this function of green tea is attributed to natural anti-oxidants “epigalokatehin galat”- EGCG, which increases memory and affects cell of the brain.

Research performed on a group of mice which were divided in two separate groups- first group was treated with EGCG, and the other was not.

After a week those rodents were guided to find a platform hidden in their path. Results of these researches proved that mice from the first group, which were “doped” with EGCG find the platform faster than mice from the first group.

Scientists pointed out that they proved in this way an important effect of anti-oxidants from green tea on our memory and observing power and that EGCG directly affects the production of nerve cells.

Our brain is often in a situation that it needs to remember tons of information and data, during of which new data and impressions keep coming, so that it needs to rest, and we have to find an appropriate way to relax it. Human brain operates in maximum capacity only in a short period of time, and after that we need to let it rest. It wrongs to learn a lot of thing at once and sit for hours in front of a computer for day on end or in front of a book. Synaptic connections in the brain are not able to be completely active for a long period of time, so that the capacity for memorizing keeps diminishing.

Chronicle stress very badly influences memory, although in itself it does not have a direct destructive influence on brain functions. That is why green tea is recommended for its soothing effect, it also beneficially affects memory.

If you are writing dates and hours when you have to meet someone or finish your chores that means that you are relaxing your brain, which does not need to constantly store these information somewhere in active conscience. In that way you help your brain to remember certain details, for example where you left your car keys? You can relax your brain by trying to understand what things you need to remember. Things that we understand and that we find logical, brain will memorize more easily in a shorter period of time.

The conclusion of this an many other research papers on the theme of green tea is the fact that it is a great anti-oxidant (especially during transitional periods), efficient in solving accumulated kilograms, but also in a prevention of cardio-vascular diseases, cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.