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Herbal Teas And Healing Plants

Healing plants is the oldest cure and original raw material of primitive, and later on cultural people for production of various products that alleviated or cured various problems and illness in the people.

As every people has its historical, ethnical, cultural, political and other legacy they also have their tradition in using nutritional and healing properties of plants that grew on the ground and in the ground.

Healing plants was the most accessible medicine for wide public use since the beginning  of world. Throughout its entire history, man acquired the skill to find healing plants, growing them and using them for treatment. The knowledge was acquired for centuries, preserved and transferred to younger people, often in very small, family circles. And everything the man know, in time he put in writing.

Oldest written records on healing plants  from before 6000 years BC were found in a library of emperor Sardanapala, which contained 22 000 clay plates with records , out of which 33 held a record on helaing plants and medicinal substances received from those plants and a description of treating with those healing plants.

Great thinker and doctor of ancient Greeks Hippocrates collected and systemized 236 plants that were used in medicine of that time.

Precious data on using healing plants of ancient civilization we find in Egyptian papyri long for over 20m from 1570 BC in the part of Ebersov Papyrus which shoes receipts for treating numerous diseases.

Even Chinese emperor Sen-Nung from 3000 years BC in his books describes healing properties of many plants. And medicinal scientist of ancient China Li Shenzhen in his work know throughout the world Short  Pharmacognosy from 1596 described 1897 healing plants and more than 10 000 receipts for their application.

Gradually all experiences were collected on healing properties of plants that were transferred from one generation to another creating an everlasting fond of folk medicine. Charles Darwin wrote about this process:

“it is most likely that savages first discovered the excitement and the healing property of various plants. Because of their need for treatment it passed a large number of tests and their experiences transferred from one to another, but also to offspring, by gesticulation.

What is a relaxing Herbal Tea?

Herbal tea is a plant infusion made from fresh or dried leafs, flowers, rots or seeds of different types of plants. Grinded plants are often sold in filter bags for easier use. However, it is recommended to use fresh plants considering the healing substances lose their effect after collection and processing. This mixture we cover with warm but not boiling water and leave it to stand for some time and if needed press it out. It is served warm or cold, with possible addition of sugar or other additives. Chinese expression for herbal tea (liang cha) means “tea for cooling”, because in Chine it is considered to cool overheated human organism.

Mother nature is a pharmacist, and leafs, fruits, flowers, seeds and roots of plants are its medications. Herbal teas or botanical products, can be used in treating almost every disease, being often cheaper, safer and effective than synthetic medications. Of course, herbal medications cannot replace medications that are issued by a doctor, or the ones in free sales, but in many cases the can serve as a supplement to the conventional way of medical treatment.

There is nothing better than soothing cup of herbal tea. Apart from being tasteful, it does not contain or release caffeine, herbal tea has a lot of health benefits. It can sooth stomach pain, alleviate insomnia and relax the mind. Consuming herbal tea can be a great source of vitamins and minerals.

When it comes to the choice of herbal teas, it is important to find the one with the high quality ingredients. If you want to drink the tea for its healing property, then you should definitely avoid the ones with added essential oils or taste. Make sure that the tea sits for 10 to 15 minutes in order to maximize it health properties.

Most of us begins to take care of our health when it is threatened. In such cases fight with the disease lasts longer and the outcome is sometimes uncertain. That is why herbal teas should be used as a preventive and not wait for our troubles to force us to use it. Preparation of beverage such as that one lasts a couple of minutes and the result is multiplied: for one we enjoy in a tasteful aromatic beverage which is a great substitute for coffee, and  secondly is the health effect with which we achieve a something best that we can do for our body.

Herbal teas are very common in folk medicine as alternate medicine. To the people the word tea means medicinal herbal tea, and it is far more used that the black or green tea.

During consumption of herbal teas you should pay attention to one fact, and that is that herbal teas contain uneven mineral composition which in the case of prolonged consumption is not recommended for our organism. Therefore it is recommended to often replace them so that our body would have even reception of all necessary substances.