Honey and lemon – a dietary recipe

Honey has been used for thousands of years as a medicine in Ayurveda medicine, assisting with melting the accumulated fat away.

The chemical properties of honey are completely opposite to those of fat, and according to the teachings of Ayurveda medicine, it assists in melting the accumulated fat away, which is found not only under the skin, but surrounding vital organs, as well, thus obstructing their functioning and affecting the health badly. According to ancient writings, honey possesses the following health benefits:

Honey and lemon mixed with water is a 5000 year old recipe for losing weight, which has helped millions of people lose weight. This quite simple medicine costs almost nothing, and assists in losing fat and gives health. It is a part of the ancient system of natural treatment known as Ayurveda Medicine. The ingredients needed consist of only: honey, lemon and a glass of water at room temperature.

  • it affects fatty substances. Honey is opposite to sugar. Although it tastes sweet like sugar which fattens, it promotes melting the fat away and losing weight;
  • it is easily digestible;
  • it promotes digestion;
  • it is good for eyesight;
  • it is good for voice;
  • it provides the body with flexibility;
  • it provides psychical contentment and good mood;
  • it heals wounds;
  • it cleanses wounds and cuts;
  • it gives shine to the skin and improves the tan;
  • it promotes intelligence;
  • it cures many kinds of illnesses;
  • it rejuvenates the body.