Getting Honey From a Bee Hive

How to consume honey?

To completely use all benefits of honey, it is necessary to apply it correctly. Honey is taken with a wooden or a plastic spoon, do not use metal one. The best thing is to dissolve it in warm water of 45 degrees, but no warmer, so that nutritional properties would not be lost.

Namely, above this temperature, enzymes invertase and diastase are lost, and healing properties of honey a lost and all that remain are certain mineral substances, some thermo stabile vitamins and of course sugars. If honey is taken directly, you should keep it in your mouth for some time, because in that case many substances will be dissolved already in the mouth and directly through skin will be introduced in the blood stream. An effect similar to those when injecting nutritional substances with an injection is achieved, but this way is much more pleasant.

Energy value of honey is around 1500 KJ, and optimal daily dose is estimated onto 100 grams, and from grown men (weight 75 kg, according to standard), divided in three intakes during the day. In the morning around 30 grams is recommended, during the day 40 and in the evening again 30 grams. For women dosage is smaller, proportionate to the difference in the body weight, while for children 50 grams a day is recommended. If we are looking for a good carbo-beverage, the solution of honey is an ideal choice.

Considering that it has no undesirable effects, apart from people that are allergic, honey can be consumed in a unlimited time period. Unlike some healing plants, for which a break is recommended after certain period of time, honey from that aspect is completely safe.