Green Tea

Is Green Tea Good For a Weight Loss?

Chinese green tea is made solely from the leaves of Camelia Sinensis. They go through minimal oxidation process because the goal is to keep maximum amount of useful substances which fresh green tea has at the start and be the way as Chinese use it for thousands of years that has proven to beneficial to health and longevity.

Lately the plant of green tea is grown in other parts of Asia, which brought us different variations of this plant depending on region in which it was grown.

Over the past decade, the number of scientific tests of green tea has increased, and most medical studies confirm its benefits to the general health.

It has been previously shown and proven that green tea reduces the risk of heart disease, some forms of cancer, AND THAT ONE CUP OF GREEN TEA LEADS TO A DECREASE IN BLOOD PRESSURE.

However, only recently have the effects of green tea on weight loss managed to launch it in many headlines in newspapers and other media. It stimulates metabolism to accelerate your body to burn more calories, resulting in fat loss, which leads to weight loss.

There are two ways of losing weight: either to reduce caloric intake or to increase their spending. Of course, people tend to look to find a way to lose weight and speed the metabolism without much (or any) effort, exercise and over-exertion. In a clinical trial conducted by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has been shown that consumption of green tea causes increased energy expenditure from reserves, or increased fat burning.

Before testing, the effects were attributed to a small amount of caffeine in green tea, but it was discovered that the tea actually has a stronger effect than the one that causes the same amount of caffeine. Repeated tests with only caffeine showed that caffeine did not make any changes in metabolism. Tests have shown that the active ingredients derived from green tea used together accelerate metabolism and fat accumulated wear faster, speeding up the burning of fat by about 5%, which clearly reflects the effect on body weight when green tea taken daily.

Is green tea good for weight loss? If we decide to start drinking green tea as part of our diets in reducing body weight, where to start? Not all green teas that we can buy are the same, it is best to choose a proven brand with the proven results. Also, you should keep in mind that green tea often has a bitter taste, so think about the mixture, but always put the quality of the tea in the first place, because a small difference in price can make a big difference in performance.

How Does Green Tea Affect Losing Weight?

Most people enjoy a cup of warm tea. We all know that tea is useful for our health, but is it really possible to lose kilograms by only one tea cup? If that is really true, how does tea then affects losing weight?

Tea for losing weight is currently among most popular products available today on the market. Most of them contain green tea which is especially efficient when it comes to losing weight. Teas for losing weight contain anti oxidants that accelerate our metabolism for about 4%, while at the same time reduce our appetite and partially prevent the buildup of fat and fat deposits in our organism.

Tea for losing weight like other teas that based on the green tea plant can prevent to development of cancer cells and slow down the development of some degenerative diseases like Parkinson disease or Alzheimer. These green teas are often recommended as dietary supplements with various diets because by accelerating you burn calories much faster even when you don’t work out regularly. Although green tea by itself accelerates losing weight, today mixes are created which contain other ingredients that boost its effect to achieve visible results.

Clinical tests and researches show that regular intake of green tea mostly results with desired weight loss. Tea also improves the digestive system, stabilizes blood sugar level (high blood sugar level makes you fell hungry) which reduces the need for overeating or frequent meals, by simple intake of tea for losing weight.

Many people introduced tea for losing weight based on green tea in their regular diet, whether its about standard tea which comes in tea bag, fresh leaves or in the form or processed supplements-all of them are more or less efficient. Of course, tea for losing weight can be used in combination with workouts or moderate exercises (in the of older people), under the condition that the diet is diverse and well balanced.

How Catcehin In Green Tea Aaffects Our Weight Loss?

We all know that Japanese women even in their middle age still remain super slim, and that this miracle is attributed to a large amount of healthy fish without of which Japanese table is unthinkable. That is not all, according to researchers from Tokyo and Geneva, which recently came to a stunning discovery. Green tea, a ritual beverage in Japan, contains a unique anti oxidants, so powerful that it is more efficient than any other way for losing weight. More interestingly, you don’t need to have a Japanese metabolism to feel its advantages. Women all over Asia cluttered the internet with stories about weight that they lost when they added to actual diet green tea, three times a day. More important than they confessions in this moment, are international research, that support the possibility that the GREEN TEA EFFECTIVELY REDUCES WEIGHT.

Catechins remove stomach

Those researches show that green tea “targets” stomach fat, fat which makes obese people unhappy. In a study, which is published by “American journal for clinical diet” (AJCN), scientists from Tokyo corporation “Kao” state that participants who for 12 weeks drank everyday tea enriched with 690mg of strong herbal antioxidants, green catechins, lost 450 percent more stomach fat than those that drank placebo beverage-although they took in the same number of calories.

And that is not only surface fat: reduction was recorded in deeper, more persistent layers which coat organs located underneath the muscles, according to the leader of research team Tomonori Nagao.

What makes catechins so effective against stomach fat?

Turns out that fat deposits on this part of the body are difficult to remove because the release ingredients that do not allow the organism to burn them and turn them into energy. In short, stomach fat is protected by some type of anemia. Catechins are powerful because at the same time disable that army and activate mitochondria, intercellular joints that turn food in fuel.

Catechins, therefore, efficiently and instantly make energy from stomach fat. Diet is not needed! There are other good news: green tea not only burns fat on the stomach and waist.

People, that drank tea enriched with catechins, lost almost three times more fat deposits than members of the group which was on diet. It also points to the possibility of the beverage to increase thermo genesis, which is the tempo in which the body burns nutrients in order to produce heat.

Similar discovery was made by scientist from University in Geneva who in journal “AJCN” published the information that epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), the most common catechin in green tea, increases daily thermo genesis of the organism by 43%. Specifically, people who along three daily meals took 90 mg of catechins EGCG (corresponds to the amount of one cup of sifted tea), plus 50 mg coffeine (natural ingredient of green tea), burned up to 10 percent more stored fat. EGCG and coffeine combined increase and speed up the metabolism. If your level of norepinephrine is higher, your metabolism works faster, and based on this and other studies, it turns out that three to five cups of green tea, with any type of diet, causes weight loss.