Propolis as cure

Propolis as cure

Propolis is a bee’s product that represents a mixture of resin substances which is collected from leaf buds of wooden plants by bees, most often from willow, chestnut and poplar. The application of propolis in medical purposes is quite wide and is used for treating of following problems:

For stomach: in the case of ulcer on the stomach and duodenum, as additional therapy to one already prescribed by the doctor, you can use propolis drops and propolis capsules.

For blisters: a piece of propolis should be heated until it softens, and then placed in a thin layer on the blister, tie it with a bandage and tighten with a Band-Aid. Therapy lasts for couple of days.

For hair (losing hair): everyday rub propolis ointment (10%) and 30% alcohol solution of propolis on places where your hair is falling. Therapy lasts 2-3 weeks and sometimes even 3 months.

For nose (chronic suppurative tonsillitis): a day use 3 spoons of 10-20% of water solution of propolis (in your mouth) and 4-5 drops in your nose 3% solution of propolis in glycerin.

In case of a cold: three times a day use propolis capsules of 0.3 g. therapy lasts 30 days.

For theeth: in case of cavity, two times a day wash your mouth with boiled cooled water in which you placed 20 drops of alcohol solution of propolis. Therapy lasts 1-2 months.

For navel (of a child after it is born): on the navel before bathing place a plate of propolis, clean or mixed with a spoon of honey, to prevent infection.

For wounds after an operation (of colon or anus): put 20% alcohol extract of propolis mixed with castor oil in a ratio of 1:1.

For rheumatism: heated proplis should be mixed, thinned and made into a thin bun, and place it on the affected spot and keep it there all night. Therapy lasts 7 days.

For diabetes: propolis drops (5-10) should be placed in some warm water and that mixture should be drunk. It can be taken with a piece of bread middle.

For wound healing: The role which propolis in healing of wounds is described on a example of one carpenter. When processing a board on circular saw he cut his left hand finger. It was Saturday after noon, so he didn’t think about going to a doctor. He disinfected to wound right away with propolis drops. Overnight he kept a band aid over the finger and in the morning and in the afternoon on the next day he put more propolis drops, and wound closed in the evening. After 2 weeks scabs already fell off. Only a smaller scar remained.

My neighbor knew about this case, so he came to me after stomach surgery. Wound resisted healing for a long time, so asked me to give him a bottle of propolis solution. In a very short time the wound closed and healed.