Efficiency of Propolis in Treatment of Various Diseases

Propolis is a sticky, wax-like matter that bees collect from plant buds, and it serves them as cure and building material. Each part of the hive and comb is covered with a thin layer of propolis.

It constantly evaporates and that is why the air from a hive has healing properties. This bee’s product is one of most studied so far, and the results of those studies are literally astonishing. It can be found on the market in its original form in a well closed packaging or in the form of alcohol solution. Propolis acts against bacteria, viruses, fungus and inflammations. It is a very strong local anesthetic and natural antibiotic, and is often used to treat wounds. That is why every household needs to have it. it stimulate the work of an immune system, restores damaged tissue. It protects the organism from consequences of radiation.

It is proven that is a great antiviral cure. It prevents breeding of viruses and stimulates the immune system to create more antibodies, so called interferon. Along with that all, flavanoids from propolis are connected directly to the virus. From preventive purposes, during months when flu and cold are dominant, you should use 15 do 20 drips a day. They are usually dropped in crystallized honey or dissolved in warm tea or milk. Most famous anti viral effect of propolis was observed by people who got herpes around their lips. If you cover your skin around the lips with the solution with propolis before herpes occurs, as soon as it itches, herpes will not appear! If you miss this chance, cover it frequently with propolis and royal jelly.

Fantastic effects propolis provides in the prevention of migraine headaches. At the first of sign of headache you should drink a cup of tea in to which 30 drops of propolis is disolved and one spoon of meadow honey. That is repeated every hour before sleep. The same is done tomorrow, but is double smaller dose.

Research show that propolis can be a real replacement for medicine for many pulmonary diseases. It has an expressed anti-inflammatory effect, and especially helps with asthma and allergies. Is especially helpful for the decrease of frequency of asthmatic attacks. ROYAL JELLY also decreases the frequency of asthmatic attacks, reduces cough and reduces the creation of sputum. Apart from expressed antioxidant capacity, propolis prevents the development of tumor cells, blocks them in certain phases of cell development. It is well known that tumor needs a lot of food and it is supplied by creating new blood vessels. Propolis limits the creation process of new blood vessels, and slows down the growth of tumor mass.

Since it contains flavanoids, regular intake of propolis can mitigate numerous chronicle diseases, mostly of heart and blood vessels, cerebral vascular diseases, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis. Even the mechanism of the effect of flavanoids on illnesses that are caused by oxidative stress is completely scientifically confirmed and studied. Propolis and royal jelly contains insulin-like matter and help reduce the blood sugar level.

Scientists even claim that by regular intake of propolis you can reduce your daily dose of insulin, but you should only do it under the supervision of your doctor. During 2005 it was officially proven that regular use of propolis reduces the level of cholesterol, triglycerides, and blood sugar level, and increases useful fats, that is, HDL. Propolis and its flavanoids protect and renew pancreas cells that secrete insulin, and can even increase the number of islands of those cells in the pancreas tissue. They also increase the sensitivity of cells to insulin. Propolis makes blood vessels more elastic, improves circulation and influences the reduction of blood pressure. It improves the function of blood capillaries in muscles. It disrupts the creation atheroma, that is, blockage of blood vessels. In Great Britain some fifteen years ago it was proven so called anti-aggregation effect of propolis, so called, prevention of blood clotting. Medicine today for that recommends acetylsalicylic acid, that presents an especial problem to those people with gastritis or ulcer, while propolis has no side effects.

Propolis distrupts the functioning of ferments for food digestion, and is successfully used in diets for losing weight. The best thing is to do that in combination with honey, because for couple of years in Scotland a diet with honey, so called, hibernation diet, is used, where you lose weight during sleep. Mechanism is natural, and there is even a book about it, and is founded on the properties of fruit sugar, that is, fructose from honey to modify the exchange of matter in a human being, and uses fat tissue for the renewal of damaged muscles. Bit, muscles have to be under strain to be damaged. According to author of this diet, for that a hard physical labor is enough, for example, lifting weights or chopping wood, in duration of just 15 minutes every other or every third day, and nothing more. One hour before sleep each night you should eat a spoon of honey, best thing would be ACACIA HONEY, which improves sleep. The best thing is to dissolve a spoon of honey in a glass of warm milk with the addition of 20-30 drops of propolis and eat it like that. Losing weight is natural, 3-5 kilograms a month. Because, a man, long before ran after food the whole day, mostly fruit that is filled with sugar, and ate it in the evening before sleep. The effect is the same, we just imitate what our organism is accustomed to, and we in time lost that habit.