Honey bees

Alarming Reduction Of Bees

In last couple of years all over the world the number of bees alarmingly reduced, and so far no one knew the reason for it. Even though no illness was found in bees, their number is dramatically dropping.

So far, the possible causes counted unknown viruses, pesticides, genetic engineering of seeds and climate changes, but no concrete evidence was found for either explanation. Disappearance of large number of bees starts to be noticeable in reduction of fruits and vegetables for whose pollination insects are mostly responsible.

Scientists for University of Panjabi in India conducted an experiment which consisted out of two bee hives filled with BEES. In one hive they left a cell phone which simulated twice a day a call lasting 15 minutes. In the second hive they placed an imitation of a cell phone which didn’t emit any signal. After three months, scientists discovered that the number of bees in a hove with an active cellphone greatly reduced. Bees exposed to the radiation of a cell phone acted unusual, hatched considerably less eggs and did not produce honey. With this experiment scientists from Punjabi confirmed a possibility that was talked about for several years that cell phones are to blame for mass extinction of bees in the world.

And if bees disappear, people will disappear too, which a commonly known. Bees are indispensable link in a chain of creation of 75 percent of food products. What is interesting that in nature bees also disappear in those areas that people don’t live any more. This creates a problem, because there is one left to pollinate plants which are a great producer of oxygen. People obviously need bees. Figuratively speaking, they are like a brick in a large “natural” wall. If you pull that brick out, the entire system loses stability, and wall can fall down.