Types of bee hives - royal gelly

Royal jelly as a medicine since ancient times

Honey and royal jelly have been known for their healing ingredients since ancient times. The latest scientific research confirms the beneficial effect of royal jelly and the preparations based on royal jelly against many illnesses and ailments, while, on the other hand, contemporary medicine has not yet found adequate cures for these diseases.

Royal jelly is created by worker bees secreting their saliva, and its main use is to feed the queen bee. Since the queen bee eats only royal jelly, the queen bee can lay around 2500 eggs a day, and lives up to 4-5 years, which is a much longer life-span than other bees`.

The healing ingredients of royal jelly Through modern research scientists have found that royal jelly contains many natural ingredients that are useful and healing, such as:

  • antioxidant enzymes;
  • acetylcholine;
  • B-complex vitamins;
  • gamma-globulins;
  • 10-HDA;
  • gelatin collagen;
  • ascorbic acid compounds;
  • omega fatty acids;
  • pantothenic acid;
  • natural hormones;
  • ingredients which have effects similar to insulin.

There are many more positive and healing effects of this bee product for which the scientists have not yet found the causes, although they have a really beneficial effect on the organism. Due to this, royal jelly has been used not only in nutrition but as a medicine, as well.

Healing effects

Royal jelly in its fresh from or processed using modern methods, without any preservatives and additives positively affects the organism:

  • it has a beneficial effect on skin, against many skin diseases;
  • it has antibacterial and antiviral effects;
  • as an antioxidant, it has a positive effect against stress;
  • it increases the number of erythrocytes in blood thus improving the blood test results;
  • it increases the libido of both women and men;
  • it beneficially affects male fertility by increasing the quantity and motility of spermatozoids;
  • it has a beneficial effect on arthritis;
  • it has a positive effect on diabetes;
  • it strengthens the organism`s immunity;
  • it improves the mood and reduces anxiety and nervousness;
  • it is applied in the case of varied nervous disorders (multiple sclerosis and Parkinson`s disease);
  • it regulates blood pressure;
  • its natural hormonal effects increase the fertility in women;
  • by reducing the bad cholesterol and triglyceride levels, it prevents arteriosclerosis;
  • it prevents the advent of cancer and helps with treating many varieties of cancer;
  • it stimulates the growth and development of children;
  • it slows down the ageing of cells and organism, thus extending the life span;


Royal jelly contains many nutritive and healing ingredients. Hence, honey and royal jelly ought to be used in nutrition, or at least taken daily in small quantities. There are many drugs and preparations based on honey and royal jelly selling in pharmacies and available on market, which only confirms their value.


With some people and with certain diseases, honey and royal jelly can have side effects, so one should consult a doctor before taking them. When taking honey and royal jelly, there are limitations for young children of up to two years of age. Royal jelly should be bought in either, authorized stores and pharmacies or from well-known producers and sellers. Before using preparations based on royal jelly, read the instructions thoroughly in order to utilize the contents in the best way possible and to avoid any side effects.