Taking honey before going to bed – the recipe for a successful diet

If you take a spoonful of honey before going to sleep, the processes in the organism will take a desired direction. Why honey, and why taking honey before going to sleep?

The answer is simple: honey is a concentrated source of fructose, it is rich in nutritional substances, and it is tasty. Fructose is a specific liver fuel. It is one of the few, if not the only simple sugar, which can be easily converted to glucose (the only type of sugar used by the body in oxidizing processes), and by doing so it does not increase the insulin level in the body and by doing that does not cause small shocks. Fructose reaches the liver „unnoticed“, it supplies the liver steadily, and this maintains a stable level of glucose in the organism, with all the positive effects of such a condition.

The answer to the question why honey and why taking it before going to sleep, as far as diet is concerned, lies in the fact that this is the last meal we have before slipping into a state resembling hibernation and that it enables a stable activation of many glands with inner secretion in the deep sleep phase. It is proven that a stable level of sugar in organism when sleeping promotes the secretion of the pituitary gland, which produces a series of hormones that enable the oxidation of bodily fat, as well, and utilizes them directly as a source of energy during the process of recuperation. If this chain should, for any reason, be intermitted, there will be no adequate recovery and use of fats in the body.

A good night`s sleep is also responsible for the production of hormones, and the growth hormone (GH), which is the “fat killer” at the foremost. Therefore, when following a diet, sleeping in the complete dark without any electric lighting and with the dense window curtains drawn is recommended. By taking a spoonful of honey before going to bed you will lose fat during the night, you will have a good rest, gain muscle strength if you had physical activities during the day. You should take care not to regain by day what you had lost during the night. This diet is not an alibi for the diurnal over-eating, it is rather a powerful ally in attaining physical shape.