Using honey in everyday life

There are old receipts with honey that will no doubt help you to regulate your body weight. If you want to lose fat deposits, before every meal drink a glass of warm water in which two coffee spoons of honey is diluted (remember the rules for choosing spoons), wait a few minutes, a then eat a smaller meal.

Honey will maintain the energy level high enough to support smaller calorie input, and it will make up for all nutritional substances in the reduced diet. If you want to gain weight, above else muscle mass, after every meal era three spoons of honey, which will support all anabolic processes, with additional input of minerals, vitamins, enzymes and all necessary nutrients. Beside from use that honey provides to us during regulating weight, it’s a great credit it has in everyday life, because it gives u strength, boosts out immune system and represent a prevention of many diseases.

Well known potion based on the honey that cleans the organism, gives energy and acts preventively and therapeutically is the mixture of two spoons of honey and one of apple vinegar with two ounces of warm water. It is often used in the morning, instead of coffee and other potions, and it comes in handy during stressful days. Apple vinegar can be replaced with lemon juice, if you add to this solution 10 drops of a fifteen percentage solution of propolis drops you get a healing potion for all ages.

Athletes have positive experiences with honey: honey often replaces all simple sugars in the diet, especially in the period the form is being sanded, and energetic input must remain high. This is characteristic for categorized athletes that have to regulate their weight, but not through losing muscle mass and strength. There are entire sport teams that have mandatory monthly procurement of honey, probably by recommendation from the doctor or a nutritionist.