Where is propolis used?

Propolis is soluble in alcohol and ether. Its contents and properties display great capabilities for application in gynecology, dental medicine, dermatology, cosmetics… Propolis is most often used in the form of propolis drops (a dilution of propolis in alcohol or ether).

Above all, the drops have a wide application in the treatment of multiple illnesses, due to their bactericidal properties. By applying the drops, good results are obtained, because they perform the disinfection of inner organs: throat and tonsils, mucous membrane of the small intestine and colon. They assist in treating the stomach and duodenum ulcer, facilitate digestion, they provide a peaceful sleep, allay the nerve tension and provide a sound functioning of the heart, they facilitate a faster healing of wounds after burns and cuts.

Propolis is used in the form of tincture as a cream, against abscesses. In dentistry, propolis is used to disinfect mucous membrane and neutralize the unpleasant smell in one`s breath. It is confirmed that propolis is a pure natural antibiotic that does not cause resistance, or bad reactions in the organism. With the increasing use of synthetic preparations that organism quickly adapts to, propolis is attaining the ever increasing significance as a pure natural preparation. Virtually, there is no over-sensitiveness to the use of proplis. This is because many of the ingredients in propolis are present in minimal quantities and their effects are in an ideal mutual relation.

Propolis is the most natural antibiotic ever discovered by man. An amazing thing about this claim is that the discovery took place 2000 years ago. Many people probably did not even hear of propolis, and on the other hand, ancient books recommend propolis for many illnesses. Propolis was known to the Romans, Greeks and Egyptian pharaohs as a rare, and yet highly effective bee product used to preserve health and maintain beauty.

The quality of the medicine has been known since the beginning of the historical record. Nevertheless, it was only in the last 20 years that the scientists managed to prove that propolis is as important as our ancestors thought it to be. Scientifically acclaimed, propolis is regarded today as a natural medicine and an integral part of the nutritional science. Its popularity is ever growing, due to its varied capabilities and use.