Which Tea Is Better: Black or Green?

Tea has for centuries been one of healthiest and favorite drinks all over the world. It is known as one of healthiest stimulants, as simple and safe medicine for fighting various diseases and disorders.

It is available in various tastes, shapes and types. However, a lot of people find them-selves in a dilemma regarding which type of teas should they choice, nor they are sure which one is healthiest. Of all types, green and black teas are in the front when it comes to health advantages. However, which one is best?

All tea leaves contain flavonoids which contain naturally occurring phytochemicals that have anti oxidation properties. Anti-oxidants prevent the occurrence of naturally occurring free radicals in your body which are believed to cause many chronicle diseases. Health advantages connected to drinking tea are numerous.

So far we know that REGULAR CONSUMATION OF TEA CAN LOWER BLOOD PRESSURE and level of LDL cholesterol, which can reduce the risk of heart diseases and stroke. It can also reduce the risk from occurring certain types of cancer (rectum, colon, skin) and it is considered that it help with maintaining good health of mouth cavity and bones. It seems that it boosts the immune system and prevents early aging of brain cells. It acts quite impressive that all those advantages can be received in one cup of this beverage.

Advantages of black tea

Numerous researches studied that advantage of green tea. In relation to rich anti oxidation properties, black tea is often compared to green tea.

BLACK TEA is known as natural beverage which prevents the growth of breast cancer, stomach and colon cancer. Lovers of black tea are saying it for years, but still it needs to be proven scientifically. Lately scientists have discovered that matter that is contained in black tea can truly stop the growth of malignant cell in the organism.

Black tea also helps with prevention of heart attack and heart diseases. It is great for regulating cholesterol level, reduces the risk of artery blockage so it is great for keep your blood vessels healthy.

Black tea is great in fighting viruses that cause illness such as diarrhea, skin infections, cavity, pneumonia and cystitis.

One research has shown that long term usage of black tea can prevent the occurrence of diabetes.

Advantages of green tea

GREEN TEA act almost in the same way as black tea. However, green tea is somewhat more successful in fighting bacteria and viruses that cause infection in various parts of the body. Green tea will be great choice if you are facing problems of high cholesterol. Regular intake of green tea helps with reduction of bad cholesterol in the body and help with maintaining a healthy heart.

Research and experiments have shown that green tea reduces the risk of occurrence of rheumatic arthritis and thanks to polyphenols that have anti-oxidation effect.

Black tea vs. green tea

Black tea is the most popular tea in the whole world. It comes from a plant Camelia Sinesis. Black tea is comprised of young leaves and buds of the plant. Leaves and buds go through the process of fermentation after they are dried. Black tea has a strong, bitter taste.

Green tea comes from the same plant as black tea, Camelia Sinesis. The only difference is that green tea doesn’t go through the process of fermentation. Instead, leaves and buds are steamed after they are dried. Green tea has a somewhat milder taste.

When we compare these two types of tea main difference is in the caffeine level. Caffeine is one of the substances that scientist give a lot of their attention because there are many side effects connected to it. So, speaking about the content of caffeine in black and green tea, it is determined that one cup of black tea contains about 40-42 mg of caffeine, while green tea on the other hand contains relatively low level of caffeine. One cup of green tea has about 20-22 mg of caffeine.

During consummation of caffeine through any one of these two types of teas, there can be numerous side effects such as negligence, insomnia, headache, frequent urination, nausea. So, in order to avoid these side effects, you need to acquaint yourself with the need for caffeine and in accordance with that limit intake.

It is up to you to decide! Before deciding it would be best to acquaint yourself with your body and your needs. You also need to consult and expert in order to know which tea suits your body type and the amount you will consume.

Green And Black Tea Keep Your Heart Safe

Cardiovascular diseases remain the biggest cause of death all over the world. Although in the last two decades, rates of cardiovascular  mortality decreased  in many developed countries, they rose at astonishing speed  in countries with low and medium level of incomes. Percentage of premature death cases caused by cardiovascular diseases is in the range of 4% in developed countries and around 42% in undeveloped countries. Over 17 million people succumb to cardiovascular diseases during 2008.

Every day consummation of green tea or black tea acts against cardiovascular diseases, due to large dose of anti-oxidants flavanoids, according to results of scientific research. You need three cups a day of tea to achieve positive effects.

Various international research published in recent years, showed that those teas, apart from reducing danger from development of various cardiovascular diseases, could prevent diabetes and obesity., and also reduce the level of cholesterol and triglycerides (other kind of lipids-fats) and insulin resistance (it is manifested in the fact that organism does not uses sugar), which influences on the occurrence of diabetes type 2- ” old people diabetes”.

You must not add MILK IN THOSE TEAS or sugar, because in that way you cancel or greatly reduce their positive effect. Namely, tea is itself expands blood vessels, improves circulation and prevent blood vessels from clogging.  By adding boiled cow’s milk we reduce his positive effect, so called, effect which he has on relaxing blood vessels, according to experts. The reason in it they see in the presence of “casein protein” which is located in milk. These proteins act on specific substances in tea and prevent them from performing their protective role.

Pregnant women should not drink more than three cups of such teas a day, because in large dosages, with some people, they disrupt absorption of iron in the organism.

About the health influence of green and black tea on the heart and blood vessels speaks statistical information about the number of affected people in the world from this disease.  According to these information, the least number of affected people from cardiovascular illness in the Far East, in Japan, Chine. This state experts explain by regular consummation of teas by local population, who cleans blood vessels, lowers blood pressure and REPRESENTS A PREVENTION for development of heart diseases.

For precaution, and when you look at it from a logical standpoint, it is necessary to drink a liter of tea a day, according to cardiologist.