Royal jelly’s effects on animal and human organism

V e r g e and D e r e v I c I o v á with collectives found out that the royal jelly, diluted 1:10, is toxic for some influenza viruses’ tribes (A and B). By us, V i t t e k and M a l ý pointed to some healing effects when some diseases are cured (herpes simplex, veruces). H e l l e u – M e l a m p y and others discovered that the royal jelly reduces or even stops some microbes’ growth; these effects are called bacteriostatic or bactericidal.

These two effects are caused by fatty acids. First of all it is the acid of 10-hydroxi-2-decen. Effects as antifungal was proved and V I n o g r a d o v o v á, V i t t e k and others also found out that the decen acid, contained in the royal jelly, has a fatal effect even on protozoa. The antibiotic effect on Trypanosoma Gruzi Chagas was trialed by S t e j s k a l. This flagellate caused mortal diseases (sleeping sickness) to humans, as well as, to vertebrates in Middle and South America. The royal jelly in physiological solution 1:50 000 kills the flagellate of Trypanosoma Gruzi yet after 4 minutes. This discover will hopefully have an immerse value for America in leading fight with this initiator of the sleeping disease.

T o w n s e n d with team realized a lot of projects with white mice aged 5 – 6 weeks. He was observing the royal jelly influence on the leukemic tumors growth. The first group of mice was injected by leukemic cells and the second group was injected by leukemic cells with the royal jelly. In the first group all the mice had tumors in the second group none of the mice had a tumor.