The royal jelly usage in medicine

Q u e r r e r o wanted to investigate antitumor effect of the royal jelly. Therefore he served to experimental animals with epitheliomas every day 50 mg of the royal jelly. He discovered that a significant recession of these tumors started. The same impact on the Ehrlich’s carcinoma proved D e r e v i c i o v á with her team. By now, this effect of the royal jelly or the acid 10-hydroxi-delta-2-decen on tumorous cells is not clear.

Large examines with the royal jelly were held by doctors under the leadership of M a t u s z e w s k i. On these trials took part over 3000 people. They were served 100 mg of the native and lyophilized royal jelly for the term of 30 – 40 days every day under a tongue. The doctors found out that in such a long term it has the best effect on biochemistry of blood. When the trial was held there were also observed subjective betterments of general condition, improvement of vitality, ending of breath and hearth troubles, better sleep, digestive system adjustment, improvement of basic mental condition and arteriosclerosis inhibition.

The researcher, mentioned above, believe that the impact of the royal jelly is based on unspecific activity of an unspecific tissue. This tissue is contained in all the human body tissues, mesenchym. Mesenchyme is an embryonic (germinal) tissue with a high development potential. From this tissue all the fibrous tissues, cartilages, bones, blood and blood formation’s organs, blood and lymphatic vessels and smooth muscles are formed.

The royal jelly adjusts affected and diseased organs, prevents muscle cramps. It has also spasmolytic and mesenchyme vessels’ extension effect.

Lots of authors speculate about anabolic effects of the royal jelly on humans or animals. The eggs production and longevity of the bee queen is well-known. The cause lies in the nutrition. Thanks to the nutrition are all the mother queen’s performances higher.

To humans, especially children, who are dystrophic, causes the royal jelly weight gain. Many researchers believe that this positive anabolic effect is caused by amino acids, vitamins, possibly by other matters contained in the royal jelly which have not been discovered yet.

The royal jelly stimulates the metabolism of fats, carbohydrates and proteins. If children aged from 4 months to 2 years, use 5 mg of the royal jelly, 2 – 3 times a day, following effects are observed: increase of albumins, alpha 2, beta and gamaglobulins; decrease of globulin alpha 1; total increase of proteins.

After blood loss in the birth term can be, by the royal jelly usage, fast increased the percentage of proteins in the blood serum.

Number of authors pointed out that the royal jelly’s affects humans and animals’ glands.

T o w n s e n d, L u c a s, H i n g l a s i s and others found out that usage of the royal jelly accelerate maturing, the hormone of Estrogen activity and early sperms production. It is possible to return fertility to infertile rats when the royal jelly is served as Q u e r r e r o discovered. T a k a h a s h proved that the royal jelly includes a hormone of glycoprotein kind.

After these and many other positive effect’s discoveries to human body, an idea of using the royal jelly as a medicine was obvious. The pioneer of this idea was D e B e l v e f e r. He also firstly used the royal jelly as a medicine in 1952. A royal jelly preparation called Apiserum, are drinkable ampoules which have a volume of 5 ccm each. The royal jelly is dissolved in an alcoholic-honey solution. It is recommended in particular for diseases of old age, early shabbiness, convalescence and in depression cases. There is a royal jelly preparation in Italy called Spintavit. It contains lyophilized royal jelly which is dissolved in attached solution. It includes 25 – 30 mg of the royal jelly ad is recommended for children’s anemia, convalescence, ulcerative diseases and troubles coming from an old age.