Royal jelly in a cosmetic care

The first pioneers who researched the royal jelly effect on skin were D e c o u r t, S m i t h and others. These authors concur in a positive effect on wrinkles, complexion rejuvenation and support for skin regeneration. Other authors speak highly about beauty care when the royal jelly is locally applied. The royal jelly has biological attributes as local blood perfusion, tension (tugor) and general visual aspects of skin.

Our researcher F i s e r a described good effects when physiologically aged skin is cured by the royal jelly. His research proved that after 5 weeks starting forehead wrinkles have disappeared to all patients. The same effect was observed in one third of patients when the fan-shaped wrinkles nearby eyes were cured.

T o c í k reached a significant achievement. He healed small scars, which arose after usage of diathermy needle to eliminate hairs, by the royal jelly. The normal process takes up to one year. The royal jelly shortened this period to one month.

In cosmetics is used Geleé Royale – astringent facial mask. This emulsion gel contains lyophilized royal jelly and magnesium hydroxide. Among others exists also Geleé Royale – lotion. It also contains the royal jelly in a liquid emulsion. The lotion is for cleaning, protection and regeneration of soft and sensitive skin which is necessary to care for.

Other preparations are being tested with positive results. Geleé Royale – sun lotion affect affirmatively skin which was exposed to the sun without any protection. This must be credited to the royal jelly and its anti-inflammatory attributes.