Royal jelly healing products : Effects of Gelée Royale, Vita-apinol

gelee royale Gelée Royale – protective and regenerative cream. Using of this cream makes the skin regeneration much faster. It also improves the skin functions and it protects skin against adverse conditions. It is appropriate to apply this cream to finish scars healing after cosmetic interventions and scars after reconstruction surgery. This cream is suitable everywhere, where we need a smooth and pliable scar. It is also suitable to finish healing after transplants, grafts and to make epithelium tissues stronger.

Gelée Royale – nail regenerator. This product is characterized by antibacterial, antifungal and epithelium effects. The nail regenerator contains 0.05% lyophilized royal jelly, 1% 2-mercaptobenztiazol, silicon oil, 1% lecithin, 0.1% nicotine acid and 3% calcium pantothenic in the cream’s basic. It heals well nails’ diseases, nails’ beds, and states after nail ablation and ulceration. It also rapids healing process after a burn and it stops nails refractivity.

Vita-apinol – ointment. 20 grams of this ointment contains 60 mg of the lyophilized royal jelly. It does not irritate the skin and it has positive effects particularly for varicose ulcers, ulceration and pressure ulcers. Before everyday using this ointment, it is necessary to disinfect the base, where it is to apply. The ulcer vicinity is recommended to cover with a zinc ointment because the secretion of the base is after application of Vita-apinol even higher. By out-patients who have defects on legs, it is necessary to keep appropriate exchange of bandage. When this kind of patients walk, the exudation is massive and it could cause a new germ pollution of the defect base.

The effect of Vita-apinol is surprisingly quick and after temporary period of higher secretion comes soon period when new healthy granule tissue is produced. In many cases of this, the new granule tissue is spontaneously covered with epithelium. When this is happening, it is more useful to use the nail regenerator mentioned above. Vital apinol ointment is possible to use for local vein ulcers with small pressure ulcers, for trophic ulcers after injuries and for permanent pressure ulcers of marginal tissue after paralysis. The ointment was successfully used against some mouth inflammations. When this is diagnosed, it is recommended to support the ointment by pellets. This ointment was also successful when acne vulgaris, ichthyos of mild status or psoriasis rosacea are treated. For verrucas treatment is recommended to use the ointment once a day for 5 – 8 weeks.

Vita-apinol – pellets contains 17 mg of the royal jelly in one enter solvent pellet. This is the same amount as in 50 mg of native royal jelly. Usage of pellets was successful against chronic inflammation of bronchial tubes based on infection followed by higher blood pressure. Breath is becoming better and deeper, asthma and insomnia is in remission. The asthma attacks left almost totally. Dosage is individual according to the patient’s reaction and in average takes 2 – 3 weeks. For the sportsmen is the using also positive. It improves body condition and makes sleep more relaxing. Vita apinol has also a positive impact on vain sclerosis – brain vain in particular. The biggest improvements are observable by elder, ill people, by prematurely grown people or people who are mentally and physically exhausted. This is caused mainly by the royal jelly’s effect of higher blood perfusion. Other achievements were detected in vegetative dystonics and women in menopause. This preparation can not recommend for pregnant women and it is necessary to use it with the highest caution when it is served to children. Vita-apinol is very useful as support agent for burns convalescence or as a co-agent for statuses after lobe and difficult surgeries. It also helps with trophic ulcers and paraplegics’ pressure ulcers.

If the royal jelly is used when body poisoning is cured by antibiotics, the antibiotics are much better tolerated. The burns’ progress is also better when Vita-apinol is used. Vita-apinol was trialed also when astringent chest feeling (stenocardium). In the most of the cases became essential improvement or the symptoms left absolutely. These effects came from hemodynamic and metabolic influences of the royal jelly.

Vita-apinol is very suitable for geriatrists praxis. This preparation was served to old people with vain sclerosis for one month. The patients reported on comeback of vitality, happiness and initiative. On the contrary, the daily sleepiness indifference moved back away. They furthermore declare improvements of psychosexual excitements and partial memory improvement.