What effect does one dose of royal jelly holds?

This incredible rejuvenation effect that comes with using royal jelly, is explained by modern science- quantum biology, based on the discoveries of quantum physics. Scientists, using highly sophisticated technology discovered that the effect of regular usage of royal jelly is instantly transferred to all cells, by communication network in the organism which consists of neural transmitters and hormones. Simply put, when one cell or one organ receives a positive information-all cells and organs are immediately informed about it and react by changing for the better. This, so called, quantum effect explained what some are experiencing for years with royal jelly, even those that take only one dose a day, but on a regular basis: simulative and balancing effect of jelly to the metabolism, by neurotransmitters, hormones and electrochemical signals, is transferred throughout the entire organism and “calibrates” vital functions and biochemical processes responsible for normal functioning, especially in stressful conditions-adaptogen.

The research shows that when external and internal negative influences are reduced, above all to the heart and blood vessels, a man can live for up to 115 to 135 years. Prof for that are not just over 400.000 people that are older than 100 years but also people with extraordinary body constitution and spiritual powers, capable to control and by will change their vital functions-those that are not under our willful control and belong to, so called, autonomous nervous system. Indian yogis, tested in a laboratory, can increase their heart beats at will up to 300- modern man with this rate of heart beats will have a heart attack!

This is just a conclusive evidence that, let’s say, person that had a brain or heart attack, can with intensive training, with diet change, regular usage of functional food and some hobbies, in the first month, which is crucial after heart attack, activate new brain circles and nervous pathways. In the case of royal jelly of has been known for some time that is supports creation of new nervous cells and new brain “highways”, regardless of the age. We have a common, synergetic property of jelly, exercises and something that gives pleasure to that person, and ultimately leads to the creation of a “bypass” in the brain: the brain itself, with newly established connections, bridges that area that is affected by heart attack and end effect is restoring damaged functions: movement of the arm, leg, speech power, etc.