What sugars are located in honey?

Two thirds of honey is sugar, mainly glucose and fructose. They do not need to be digested and they directly full sugar reserved in liver and muscles. Glucose is main sugar in a human organism, because all sugars must turn in to it, and then it is used as energy matter or it is stored in deposits in liver and muscles. For liver, fructose is especially interesting, which does not provoke insulin response and quickly fills up the reserves. It is important when the need for sugar is strong, in activities such as learning or physical exercise. Lack of sugar in liver will be noticed mental fatigue during training, inability of focusing on training and absence of attention that is the consequence of depleted reserves in the liver, main supplier of the brain and the rest of the nervous system.

When nervous system is not functioning at full capacity, strong muscle contractions are not happening, and maximal power is not achievable, regardless of the state of musculature. So, ideal source of energy can be just honey. Way of honey intake is also important, so you have respects certain rules.

Sugar is the only thing that comprises the VALUE OF HONEY. We maybe have greater use from mineral matter, amino acids, enzymes, vitamins, all trace elements, and without additives, preservatives, packed in most natural packaging and ready for use. It is not surprising that special units use mixture of honey and coffee extract when the body needs to withstand superhuman efforts. True, this mixture you won’t find in stores, but with the help of ness-coffee and a little honey you can do everything.