Why Does Honey in a Comb Favourably Influences On Our Organism?

Honey in a comb is recommended by numerous doctors, beekeepers, pharmacists and many others. Will all know that it is very useful and favorably influences on our organism. Honey in comb is more expensive than ordinary honey and often those that sell it in a comb do not know why this is. When you look at it objectively, no one wants to eat the comb, therefore you pay more, and spend less, and there is no logic. Yet there are justifications…..

Firstly, our organism does not contain fermentations that decompose wax (comb). Wax decomposes the fermentation of “CIRAZA” that does not exists in a human organism, so if we eat comb/wax it does not get processed and comes out in the same form in which it entered the organism.

Let’s look at something else now!!! Bacteria that cause tuberculosis and many other diseases and especially respiratory illness have a wax membrane that protects them and guarantees that the human organism will not destroy them.

When we eat honey comb which is difficult to eat… but when we eat it on small often dosages… our organism reacts and starts to create fermentation CIRAZA on order to process what we ate.

When the organism crates in traces ferment it dissolves-processes wax and in that way it “processes” wax membrane of bacteria if they invade our organism and the bacteria without that wax membrane cannot live.

Second: honey comb contains the large quantities of propolis with which bees coat cells before filling them with honey and bee’s wax with which they close cell to preserve honey. When chew honey comb with honey we eat the wax and propolis and those are natural and great prevention for infections and other illness.

So, it is very important to chew honey in a comb more often in smaller amount and that will certainly protect us from several very serious diseases.