In last couple of years all over the world the number of bees alarmingly reduced, and so far no one knew the reason for it. Even though no illness was found in bees, their number is dramatically dropping. So far, the possible causes counted unknown viruses, pesticides, genetic engineering of seeds and climate changes, but no concrete evidence was found for either explanation. Disappearance of large number of bees starts to be noticeable in reduction of fruits and vegetables for whose pollination insects are mostly responsible. more

Periods in the Development of Bees

According the expert’s opinions, the development of bee colonies until 54th day from the moment queen started laying eggs, depends on the number of bees that survived the winter. After that period it depends on the quality of the queen, that is, its capacity. Entire spring period of development is divided into five cycles, where each cycle lasts 24 days. All facts that are revealed in this division are founded on a sample, that was comprised of 10 000 BEES. more

Grazing with bees

Experts claim that ‘’scout bees’’ account for 27,3% of total number of bees, and the main burden of making honey falls on their backs. The speed of bringing nectar between “scout bees” and “nurse bees” is different and ranges from 20 seconds to several minutes, which is especially increased during intensive grazing, when scout bees have to find a large number of receiver bees. Of course, the facts remains that number of scouting flights is purely relative, and depends on large number of factors. Still, there is a way to determine an approximate value of given biological-seasonal state of bee colony. The information about the number of scouting flights is expressed in the form of a number doesn’t mean much in practice. It is important to conclude that it is necessary to have as much as possible bees in the hive to receive nectar, that is, bees most appropriate in age (physiological state), so that in the case when larger number of receiver bees is necessary they could easily help, and increase the degree of graze usage. more

Honey is the Best Antibiotic Against Infections and Bacteria

HONEY HAS PRONOUNCED ANTIBACTERIAL PROPERTIES, which are there due to the large number of its ingredients. Today modern medicine is faced with a big problem, because bacteria are becoming resistant to antibiotics that have been used for a long time. This resilience goes so far that some antibiotics don’t even have an effect on certain bacteria. It is recorded that in America from so called hospital infections 87 000 people die a year, and in France 17 000 people. Hospital infections occur when a patient comes to the hospital for some other disease and gets infected by some bacteria that literally lives in the hospital and during its long evolution has become resistant to almost all antibiotics. more

Antioxidation Properties of Honey

Modern man organism is exposed everyday to large amount of free radicals. Those are unstable and very reactive compounds that are normally present in the organism, but get neutralized. The problem is when external factors that are in charge of oxidation, like tobacco smoke, pesticides or organic dissolvers, create free radicals in larger amount than usual, which is very damaging for the organism it even damages the genetic makeup of a human being. That is why scientists today recommend an increased intake of so called antioxidant substances that neutralize free radicals, to preserve health in the conditions of altered environment to which we are all exposed. In research conducted in 1998, 2002, 2004 and 2005 a statistically considerable antioxidant activity was determined in honey, and in 2002, 2004, 2005 and 2006 it was determined that it mostly comes from polyphenols of honey. more

Efficiency of Propolis in Treatment of Various Diseases

Propolis is a sticky, wax-like matter that bees collect from plant buds, and it serves them as cure and building material. Each part of the hive and comb is covered with a thin layer of propolis. It constantly evaporates and that is why the air from a hive has healing properties. This bee’s product is one of most studied so far, and the results of those studies are literally astonishing. It can be found on the market in its original form in a well closed packaging or in the form of alcohol solution. Propolis acts against bacteria, viruses, fungus and inflammations. It is a very strong local anesthetic and natural antibiotic, and is often used to treat wounds. That is why every household needs to have it. it stimulate the work of an immune system, restores damaged tissue. It protects the organism from consequences of radiation. more

Honey is Natural Treasure

Let’s talk about honey, which is the most accessible BEE’S PRODUCT. They call it natural treasure and forgotten treasure of history. And truly, honey is used since ancient days. Ancient people had a honey cult and treated it as cure. For a reason, because honey is the essence of nature, the juice of plant life. Bees make honey from nectar that plants secrete in order to attract bees and give them that sweet and nutritional matter, and bees in return bring pollen from a far, from other plants and pollinate them. That is how new life and honey is created. To feed us and treat us. more

Using bes's Products for Prevention

Most frequent question that consumers ask the beekeepers is: How do I use bee’s products for prevention of illness and to boost the defensive capabilities of the organism? We will try to give you a simple answer. Apart from already listed ways, we have to emphasize that for preventive purposes it is best to use a mixture of honey, propolis and pollen, one spoon a day. Mixture is made by mixing 50 grams of propolis, 300 grams of pollen and 650 grams of honey. Crystallized honey is the best, to prevent the separation of pollen on the surface of the jar in the which them mixture is kept. Besides, crystallized honey is much better for consummation than the liquid, because it forces you to keep it longer in your mouth, which improves its healing capabilities, because of absorption of certain matters through blood vessels underneath the tongue. more

Bee's Products are the Cleanest Natural Product

In a book printed in 1750, John Hill wrote in wisdom:”Not enough attention is given at this time to healing effect of honey and other bee’s products, and that represents that man is starting to neglect ordinary things…We seek at most distant parts of the world, medication to reduce or eliminate problems, but we would never had those problems if only used what bees collect for us at our doorstep”. more

How to Protect Wax from Insecticides?

For a longer period of time, beekeeping world points to the problem of contaminated WAX. By treating bees against pests, and mostly varroa, various products are inserted in the hive. That practice damages bees, contaminates honey and wax. Until now we had no choice. However, we live in a time when science created products that can efficiently be used against varroa with proven methods that are really reliable. more