Negative Effects of Varraoa on Bees

Chemicals that we use to suppress varroa influence the life of bees, according to experts that conducted the latest research, conducted in the period of two years in American states Georgia and South Carolina. Certain things were known about that phenomenon, but this research created completely new and concrete information. Means to suppress damage caused by varroa also harms the bees to a certain degree, and researchers believe that the damage can be a cause for the mass extinction of bees. Effects of those chemicals in the hive are potent that even though they are present in small dosages (cannot kill), but still lead to certain amount of damage of bee colony. Better understanding of this problem, would go a long way to helping to find a solution to this problem. more

Queen with its Pheromone Directly Controls the Behaviour of Bees

Scientists from the University in New Zealand notified the general public, that in their research of the secrets of brain and learning process, they discovered that bee queens do use their pheromone to directly control bees and their behavior and learning processes. This research can have important positive implications on beekeeping, but also on studying learning processes in general. more

The Effect of Sobstance Methylglyoxal in Manuka Honey

Healing properties of famous MANUKA HONEY that exhibits extraordinary antibacterial properties, so much so that it successfully combats stomach ulcer caused by Helicobacter pylori bacteria. It took a long time for scientists to discover a substance which is responsible for this and similar effects. Namely, scientists have studied in detail this honey from New Zealand which is produced from a bush called manuka. Until recently manuka honey was marked by so called unique manuka factor-UMF. more

Beekeeping hygiene and treatment procedures

Beekeeping, in recent year is slowly expanding, however, total amount of manufactured BEE’S PRODUCTS is getting smaller every year. Apart from extremely rainy and dry years and mass poisoning of bees by mindless farmers, bee colonies are being more and more endangered by varroa, American plague and other viral, bacterial, fungal diseases and vermin. Mortality rate and low productivity of bee colonies would surely be smaller if would respect and apply beekeeping hygiene, and provide sanitary conditions and prophylactic measures when removing listed negative side effects. more

Ozone Disinfects Beehives

To overcome various bee’s illness, beekeepers fight a continuous battle. This information is not surprising if you consider that certain infections and diseases can lead to large scale infections that quickly spread throughout the hive, which can lead to loss of complete bee colony. In search for new procedures and methods for treatment, scientists have made an epic discovery. They started to apply ozone for disinfection of beehives. Ozone is already used instead of chlorine to produce safe drinking water and ozonation of water in pools in developed countries, but latest studies show that it can be used to disinfect beehives. more

Producing Bee's Products

Bees create (gather) the following products that are useful for a wide variety of human usage: honey, wax, flower powder and perga, propolis, royal jelly and bee’s poison. Queens and swarms can be considered as bee’s products by beekeepers, because total technique of beekeeping can be focused on producing them and selling them on the market. more

How Do Bees Measure Distance of Food Source from the Hive?

Thanks to their dance, which represents a SYMBOLIC LANGUAGE OF HONEY BEES, bees can inform other member of their hive about the location of newly found food source. But, how do bees measure distance which they convey in such a way? Earlier it was thought that they do it by measuring energy consumed during flight. However, doubt appeared when it was notices that bee’s estimation of distance can be manipulated by applying signs between the hive and the food source, proving that bees count signs which they encounter along the way. In an elegant experiment, scientists researched the dance language of bees to determine their subjective estimation of flight. more

Symbolic Language in Communication between Honey Bees

Experimental psychologists who work with humans have one essential advantage compared to scientists who study animal behavior. The reason for that a man can provide verbal expression of his experience. For example, he can say: “These two light beams of different colors look equally bright” or it seems that this object is located at greater length than the other one”. Such direct reports facilitate studying the way in which information received from sensory peripherals, that is sense organs are in direct contact with the environment, are processed in the brain. more

Proper Dosage of Honey for Certain Illness

Honey and other bee’s products represent real treasure of natural sugars, vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids, enzymes, proteins, essential oils, plant antibiotics, hormones. That is why it is said that honey is food and cure, because it can prevent occurrence of many illness, but is also unsurpassed natural cure for many medical problems. About its healing properties and how it should be used many nutritionists and experts in the field of medicine talk. Since long ago it was known that the application of honey give good results for cardiovascular illness and illness of respiratory track, gynecological and digestive problems, problems with kidneys and many other. But honey should be properly dosed. more

Creating Apiary

There several basic questions regarding creating apiary:

  • Can a beginner beekeeper withstand a bee sting;
  • When and how can you procure bee colonies;
  • How many bee colonies do you need to start beekeeping;
  • What type of bee hives should you use;
  • Where to place bee hives; more