Harmfulness of White Sugar for Bee's colonies

There are more scientific and practical advices about harmfulness of white sugar for bees. However, not many beekeepers climbed the top of that hill. Because concrete notifying evidence is spread out throughout the literature, forgotten and neglected in practice. But still there is enough of them to astound a persistent book enthusiast and push out of his head the last thought about using sugar in beekeeping, except if it´s absolutely necessary. Author of this text will try to transfer to you at least a part of the truth, and give you confidence so you could try and forget about sugar. more

Bee's Poison as Cure

First written record about using wonders of apitherapy and immunotherapy we find since the time of Hippocrates, who lived around 400 years B.C., and is today considered to be as a father of modern medicine. Hippocrates was a well known ancient Greek medicine man and is considered as one of most prominent figures in medicine of all times. He separated knowledge from magic and superstition that was present in those times. Hippocrates among other things felt that honey, water and fresh air are cure for all human problems. Bee’s poison, little know to general public, possesses the ability to cure inflammations, expands vascular system and it is proven that it prevents blood clotting. Those are just some of the reasons why honey is used for endarteritis (inflammation of arterial wall) and arteriosclerosis of limb vessels. more

Chemical composition of honey

To get an impression about chemical composition of honey in the best way we will show the result of analysis on 490 samples of American honey. Although honey from all over the World is different in some respect this will the only orientation so that you could learn what is located in the natural honey that is offered to consumers. more

Higroscopicity of Honey and Percentage of Water in it

The honey posses a feature of attracting or releasing moisture in the presence of air. If the relative air moisture is 58 percent there is 17,4 percent of water in honey, then this established a balance between air moisture and the amount of water in honey. According to that, as soon as air moisture increases, the percentage of water in honey will also increase, mostly in surface part of the container which holds honey. And vice versa, if air moisture is lower, honey will release moisture. That means that there is always a tendency of establishing balance. more

What is the Basic Beekiping Tools?

To be able to normally work around bees, we need to have the necessary tools. Borrowing beekeeping tools is something that should be avoided, firstly because of dangerous bee’s contagious diseases. We will list the essential tool: more

What Benefical Effect does Royal Jelly has on Human Organism?

Beneficial effect of royal jelly on human organism is well known since old times. Latest scientific research and experiments confirmed such an effect. more

How to make royal jelly?

Royal jelly represents a milky white liquid and is a product made by secretion of saliva glands of worker bees. It is used as fundamental food necessary for the development of queen bee. It consists of a mixture of amino acids, vitamins (especially vitamin B and vitamin C), lipids, fat acids, carbon hydrates and mineral matter. Fresh royal jelly is a unstable product that has to be preserved in a refrigerator. more

Pollinating by bees

Bees play a major role in pollinating flowers. They can focus on collecting nectar or pollen, depending on their current needs. It is presumed that a third of human food depends on pollinating that is done by bees. Most bees have an electric charge that increases absorption of pollen. Pollen and nectar create a mass that is often very viscous, but can be rigid. That mass is of spherical shape and placed in small cells which also contain eggs. more

How to Improve Pasture for Bees?

1) Seeding agricultural honey cultures and planting honey trees and bushes in orchards. Oilseed and red clover, phacelia and sunflower are especially recommended. Buck weed and mustard are also recommended, they have short vegetation. From healing plants you can grow: peppermint, sage, thyme, oregano, marshmallow root, valerian. You should plant all fruits, especially cherries, apples, pears, melons and sour cherries, and from bush fruit: raspberry, blackberry, currant and hazel tree. Chestnut could be grown in our territory, where the ground is made from humus, deep and without limestone. more

Honey Plants

To be a successful beekeepers, apart from technology of beekeeping it is necessary to know honey plants and qualities of bee’s pastures. In that way we will be able to better use pastures, by moving bee hives or seeding and planting honey plants. Planting honey plants just for bee’s pasture is not economical, but you should use something else: grain (seeds), silo-mass, hay, green fertilizer and other. Improving the pasture is especially important in conditions of overpopulation of hives and can considerably contribute to making bee colonies stronger and beekeeping more economic. more