Ginger Tea: Preparation, Ingredients And Health Benefits

Chinese naval men consumed ginger to prevent sea sickness. Greeks used it to improve digestion, and King Henry VIII believed that ginger is a cure for plague.

Favorite treat of Queen Elisabeth was sweet ginger bread. Magical power of ginger was used by Scheherazade in “Stories from 1001 night”. Because of its famous history ginger deserves to be on your menu, and I suggest that that is this beverage…

Ginger is a tropical perennial plant from China, from where in time it spread all over the world, and currently it mostly grown in India. It is well known for its healing properties for more than 3000 years, and it was rightfully used as a cure in Chinese traditional medicine. Ginger was more known as a spice that is added to various meals, but it can be used to make a very useful tea. Tea is very easy to prepare, it refreshes and is very healthy. So, if you haven’t already tried it, be sure to make this ginger tea, using this recipe.

Preparation of ginger tea.

Buy a fresh, entire root of ginger. The root can be found in large super markets in very low pieces. The root is light brown or the color of the sand, it is very resilient to external influences but it is recommended to keep it the refrigerator. Regardless of that, before each use check it for mold. If there is mold on it, throw it out right away….

Ginger tea can be prepared in two ways:

First way: Boil water in a pot. Peel the ginger and chop it to rolls. When the water boils put the ginger slices inside. It should boil for 10-15 minutes. After that time remove the pot from the stove and cover it. Let it stay for 15 more minutes, and strain the tea. Tea is best when drunk alone, without additives.

Second way: Put the water to boil. In the meantime chop a piece of ginger from which you want to make the tea. How big the piece will be is up to you, but the bigger it is the tea will be stronger (usually around 2-3 cm). Peel the ginger and rinse it good with water. Some chop it on rolls, while other grind it, the effect is the same… After that pour boiling water over chopped ginger root and leave it in covered container to stay for a while. After 15 minutes strain the tea and drink it while it is warm. I, personally eat the strained ginger that remains after the infusion.

Tea has a very strong aroma and specific taste, so many avoid drinking it, especially children. In that case, a weaker dosage is recommended and you should sweeten the tea with honey of freshen it up with a lemon.


Boiling water (0.3l)

Slice of ginger root, size 2-3cm

Honey and lemon per your discretion

What health benefits are there from ginger tea?

Due to the great number of healing substances, minerals, vitamins, essential oils, plant fibers and proteins, that are mainly located in the root, ginger tea is a cure and prevention for many diseases.

It is used from stomach problems: nausea, improved digestion, anemia and anorexia. It is used by people with heart problems after the heart attack, and by people with elevated blood pressure. Tea is good, in the moments when you feel bad, to boost your immunity and chase away the cold, throat inflammation or flu. It can be drunk even before the cold, but also during as well. Tea can also be drunk if you are healthy. The taste is for someone strong but refreshing. Apart from that it has anti oxidant and anti bacterial properties. Some researches show that ginger helps with muscle inflammation as a consequence of a workout.  It has come to the conclusion that ginger controls the presence of free radicals in the organism. It should not be used while pregnant.