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Make coffee with help of Nesspresso cooking Academy

Coffee with breakfast or lunch is not unusual combination nowadays. However, what do you think of coffee as a dressing or a spice in your lunch or dinner?

Coffee is used as addition to desserts (did someone say ‘tiramisu’?), but Nestle company have new idea: Why wouldn’t we use coffee as an addition to courses that we prepare every day for lunch and dinner? Precisely with that goal, Nesspresso started the program that is called Academy for cooks where chefs are thought how to enrich their courses by adding a coffee. Academy exist for five years now and during that time, more than 400 cooks attended it, including the most famous ones.

One of the organizers of cooking academy, Eduard Tomas form Nesspresso company, says for web site form Emirates that, historically given, coffee was always a part of a kitchen. “The use of coffee in courses maybe sounds oddly, but results are excellent. We want to teach our top chefs the great possibilities that coffee has to offer and to apply it in their kitchen”, Tomas says.

During the course, Nesspresso experts, first of all, teach cooks everything that they should know about coffee: starting with making a difference in coffee quality, up to preparing and combining it with other ingredients.

The chef of Dubai World Trade Center kitchen, German Herald Oberender, that was attending the course last year, says that he has learnt so many about coffee: “We have learnt how to combine a coffee with our cooking skills. You mustn’t have any prejudices when cooking with coffee. You can mix Nesspresso coffee with delicacies like tiramisu, but also for dressings in main courses”, Oberender says. He says that he now uses a coffee while preparing many courses in prestigious restaurants he leads, especially in dressing for roasted meat and for fish marinade. Oberender claim that coffee can successfully replace the use of salt and pepper in some specialties.

„We use mild coffee for sweets, because we do not want that coffee flavor overcome the dessert flavor. However, when we are preparing the meat we than use stronger coffee for additional aroma.” Oberender says and add that he prefers the Bukeela coffee from Ethiopia as a stronger mixture.

The basic rules exist

Instructors in this peculiar Academy for cooks say that, though coffee can be used as addition in almost every meal, some rules must be respected. One of the basic rules is that care of coffee’s freshness must be taken. Coffee lose its freshness in contact with oxygen, and due that lose its quality and specific aroma. Due that you have to have fresh coffee when preparing meals. There are certain rules for mixing coffee and food. For example, robust coffee, which usually presents various mixtures for Turkish coffee, goes with meat, while mild coffee, like arabica coffee, is better combining with sweets.

Here are some of references form Nespresso Academy for cooks:

  • Try coffee in marinade for meat. Try it also as addition to soup, rice. You can use it brewed as addition to water where rice and pasta is cooked.
  • Coffee can be used as already brewed, but also freshly ground. Brewed coffee is usually used as addition in soups and sauces, but can be used as dressing for delicacies, while ground coffee can be used in salad or marinade spice mixtures.
  • Before using it in food, you should make a coffee and try it so you could familiarize with its taste and aroma and be sure that you have made a good choice. You should not mix soft coffee with fruit aroma with beefsteak, nor strong robust aroma in your tiramisu.

If some of you have “courage” to try some of these combinations with coffee, send us a comment so that we hear about your experience.

Coffee in cuisine

Coffee is versatile ingredient, very appreciated in cuisine, because it gives very fine exotic touch. In some sweets and ice cream, on the contrary: it is delicious ingredient of salty dishes, and its specialty is enriching dishes without changing the original taste.

What are the basic advantages of coffee in cuisine?

– emphasize the flavor of anything you cook, and ingredients do not take its flavor (unless you exaggerate with amount)

– helps with the construction of aroma of dishes and gives it a light note of fried

–  when added to herbs, spices and salt, works as natural flavor intensifier

– it is especially effective with meat, i.e. it enhances the taste of grilled meat

– improves the taste of marinade and sauces

Caffeine is decomposed during cooking so those who otherwise avoid caffeine can consume coffee in dishes.

And how exactly to make coffee?

Combine it with strong aromas. In spite of being full of fragrance and taste, it must be combined with equally strong ingredients.

Use coffee as you use spices. Add it to marinades, but also soups, cheese and even to tomato sauce.

Use it in all forms: in grain or minced for marinades, add a small cup of boiled coffee to sauces and wafers.

Be creative. If you like to drink some type of coffee, use it in preparing meals. As a rule, the coffee goes very well with ginger, pepper, garlic and salt, but also with vanilla, cinnamon.

With meat, the spice coffee can serve as a sauce for boiled or roasted veal or pork. The meat can also be rubbed with dry marinade into which the minced coffee is added.

Believe it or not, even the delicate flavor of fish is very compatible with fried coffee aroma. As it’s not just a daily combination, for coffee-rich marinades you need courage, but if you decide to do something like that, you will enjoy the blast of flavor.

It is well known that coffee and desserts are “made for each other”. There are hundreds of recipes for delicacies where coffee is one of the main ingredients. Among the favorites is surely a tiramisu. Or a nice coffee cake.

As we see, it was ground, in the grain or brewed, the coffee goes well with almost anything. Even with fruit, especially bananas and peaches. What do you usually combine with coffee (and it is not whipped cream)?

Revolution in Culinary: Coffee flour!

If you are allergic to wheat gluten and want to enjoy rich foods, then the right thing for you is coffee flour. In the so-called “healthy food” stores, it is possible to find all kinds of foods that are good for our organism. However, not so long ago, there will be flour on the market, which may completely change our look at bread and unhealthy pastries, while solving the problem of hunger in the world!

It’s a flour that comes from coffee. It is gluten-free and contains 50 percent more protein than wheat flour and even five times more nutritious fibers. Also, coffee flour has three times as much iron as spinach, twice as much potassium as in bananas, and there is hardly any amount of fat in it. From this brownish flour it is possible to make a tasty bread or bake a cake, as manufacturers claim, it is quite nice to develop noodles. In addition, the amount of caffeine present in this flour is far lower than drinking a cup of coffee, but the product has a refreshing and empowering effect.